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Lal ManLalu was born in Patchuarghat not far from Saramthali in the Kavre district where he is residing today. During his childhood, he had to work hard in the fields with his mother until he saw for the first time on the river a boat full of white monkeys that he tried to chase away by throwing stones. He discovered later that the monkeys were just western people experiencing rafting! Lalu was later approached by the guides who proposed him to become a rafting guide. For years, he got the occasion to learn English and learn about western life. He knows very well what western people like, what makes them comfortable andhow to make them enjoy their experience.

Unfortunately, Lalu had a rafting accident and his shoulder does not let him practice rafting anymore. He decided to become a trekking guide. But he also needs to take care of his family who stay in the village. Home stay is an excellent compromise to let him look after his family while keeping in touch with western tourists that he also highly appreciates.

FamilyIf you stay at Lalu's home, you will meet his elderly mother, his wife Massini and his three sons Lapsang, Kamal and Yves. By using Lalu's services, you will contribute to help him pay for clothes, food and his children's education. The only income that the family gets is the vegetables they grow for their own consumption and the milk from a buffalo that they sell to other villagers.


To book a homestay or a trek, or just for more information, you should contact Lalu. Lalu does not have internet access from the village. He usually comes to Kathmandu once a month to check his emails. So in case of urgent request, please contact him on his cell phone. Try the two numbers provided below.

Lal Man Lama (Lalu)

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Cell: +977-9849487392 or +977-9808573398

Email: lalu_treks@hotmail.com

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Si vous parlez français, vous pouvez également obtenir plus d'informations en contactant la belle soeur de Lalu qui vit en France.

Merina Dong

Email: merina.dong@hotmail.com

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